Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q: What is the maximum number of items that I can purchase?
    A: For in-game items, one person can purchase up to 99 units per item per transaction.
  • Q: Are the amount of 13 Anniversary CM Tickets infinite?
    A: No, the CM tickets are of limited quantity, therefore are allocated on first come first serve basis. You can confirm your purchase of the CM Tickets by checking your Sales Order email.
  • Q: What payment methods are available?
    A: For this online sale, Paypal is the only method of payment available.
  • Q: I do not own a Paypal account, are there any other alternate forms of payment?
    A: Unfortunately, it is the only mode of payment that we have as of this time.
  • Q: How can I know that my purchase was successful?
    A: The system will reflect your order as ”Your purchase has been made successfully”. You will receive a Sales Order email reflecting your order summary and the Sales Order Number. Please remember to check that the email did not land up in your Junk/Spam Mail folder.
  • Q: How do I redeem my order on the event grounds on 15th July 2018, Sunday?
    A: All customers are required to bring the Sales Order, either printed or digital form, that had been sent to them via email for verification on site. Please bring your sales order to Bugis+ Level 2, Main Atrium Reward Booth on 15 July 2018 to redeem your orders. It is of utmost importance that you check your received items before you leave the counter as we are expecting long queues on collection day.
  • Q: In the event that I am unable to come down personally on 15 July 2018, Sunday to redeem my goods, can I send someone else down on my behalf?
    A: Yes, you may send someone down as your proxy. Simply download this Authentication form and fill in all necessary information. Ensure that the person assisting you to collect your order bring his/her NRIC for verification, as well as both the Sales Order and the Authentication form.
    Click here to download form!
  • Q: I am Malaysian, can I still purchase the goods sold in the anniversary sale?
    A: Yes you may. However, items can only be collected from Bugis+, level 2 main atrium, Singapore on 15 July 2018. Should you be unable to collect your items personally, please send a representative to collect the goods on your behalf. Do ensure that your representative fills up the Letter of Authorization and bring it down together with the Sales Order form with his/her NRIC for verification.
  • Q: Will there be any sales conducted on event ground?
    A: Yes, sales will be conducted at Bugis+, Level 5, outside Toy Or Game (TOG) from 11.30am to 7pm.
  • Q: I've change my mind about my purchases, can i get a refund for my items?
    A: No, we do not do refunds for items. Therefore we urge you to check your purchases before you proceed to check out.
  • Q: I've added a wrong purchase to my order, can I request for a refund?
    A: Unfortunately, we do not do refunds. We strongly advise you to review your order before proceeding to check out.
  • Q: Are the 13th Anniversary special in-game items tradeable?
    A: Tradeable Items are:
    1. Permanent Festival Train Mount Coupon
    2. Permanent Vroom Vroom Pink Bean Mount Coupon
    3. Permanent Go Go Camping Car Mount Coupon
    4. Stair Sled Chair
    5. Merry-go-round Chair
    6. The Premium Pet Equipment ATT Scroll 100% (Available in pet packages)
    7. Premium Pet Equipment Magic Attack Scroll 100% (Available in pet packages)
    Items that are not mentioned above are not tradeable.
  • Q: How long is the validity for all special in-game items from the 13th Anniversary sales?
    A: All special in-game items are permanent.
  • Q: If I have already purchased my orders in the Marketplace on the 13th Anniversary site, Can I collect my goods in Malaysia?
    A: Yes, you can collect your goods at our 13irthday Community Event at Berjaya Times Square, Ampang SuperBowl on 28 July 2018. If you have already made plans to come to Singapore to collect your goods, there is no issue with that as well. Please remember to bring your Sales Order form so that we may verify your purchase. If you are collecting on a friend's behalf, please fill up and bring a print out of the Autherization form together with your Sales Order form.
  • Q: Will there be on-ground sales at the Malaysia 13irthday Community Event on 28 July 2018?
    A: Yes! We will have a sales booth on location at Amapang SuperBowl! To avoid the long queue, we encourage you make your purchases online.
  • Q: If I purchase the items at the Malaysia event, will there be a price difference since GST has been abolished in Malaysia?
    A: The prices will be kept the same as when purchased in Singapore in order to be fair to everyone.
  • Q: In what currency will the sales item be sold in during the on ground sales in Malaysia?
    A: The prices will be converted into Malaysian Ringgit for on the ground sales at Ampang SuperBowl.
  • Q: What are my payment options at the ground?
    A: We will only be doing cash transactions on the event grounds.
  • Q: Will the amount of goods for the Malaysia 13irthday Community Event be infinite?
    A: No, unfortunately we will only be bringing the stocks that have not be purchased during the Singapore 13th Anniversary celebrations to Malaysia. As such, we advise you to purchase online to secure the goods that you want.